A collection of Anki addons in different states of bugginess, up-to-dateness and usefulness.

Anki 2.1

Notes on the coming Anki version

Status: Work in progress
After i finally made the Anki 2.0 → 2.1 jump, i will now update the addons
Flash card with text and play buttons.

Replay buttons on card

Status: working (basic)
Show a replay button for each file on a card.
Name the first field “Note ID”

Add note id

Make all cards unique

Status: working
The first field of cards should be unique. To make sure this is the case, this add-on adds a unique number to fields called Note ID.
Anki 2 review window with two icon bars. The review area reads Die Hauptstadt von Niue ist

Colorful toolbars

Get back the Anki1 look

Status: update in progress
Replace the top menu bar with the Decks Study Add Browse text buttons and the two rather drab sync and statistics buttons with a colorful icon toolbar like the one in Anki 1.
An audio editor


Status: hackish, update planned
Edit files with external programs
The deck overview with New, Learn and Due columns and a footer line with card count sums

Deck overview tweaks

Status: update-planned
Show the learn count on the start screen
A dialog window. Six lines with different site icons, the word “hearth” and some more buttons. A bubble help with the text Source text: hearth From field: Front Source: Macmillan Variant: British

Download audio

Hear what you learn

Status: update planned
Automatically download audio from talking dictionaries or from Google TTS
An Anki review window, split and showing different fonts and color schemes in different parts.

Local CSS and DIY night mode

Adapt card styles to time and place

Status: updated planned
Add styling from a local CSS file. With this, the card style can be adapted to time (night colors) and place (small fonts on small screens, big fonts on big screens, …). Also add classes for a DIY night mode.
Three lines of Text: 1: Einwohner, Bürger: 住民 じゅうみん 読み 2: じゅ-みん (kana in green, the dash in red) 3: じゅうみん (theじゅ and みん in green, う in blue)

Compare to kana

Status: update planned
When typing in Japanese readings, remove the kanji bit from the correct text, so that the red and green coloring of the answer works correctly.
Central parts of the add-on source

More shortcuts

Status: update planned
Re-activate Ctrl+f and Ctrl+w shortcuts. Replay on 6 or i
The input of 0.26 is formatted as 260'000.

Swiss locale

Status: hackish, update planned
An add-on to make my German geography deck work.
Two lines of Text: 1: Frankreich hat 65 Millionen Einwohner. 2: 70 → 65. The 70 is blue, the 65 green.


Status: update planned
Compare a typed in number with the correct answer as a number, not as a string of digits. Color it yellow when it is close to the right number.
Part of the Anki review window. Text: みんなの日本語: に んぎょう. Below part on the Anki card browser. One line highlighted. Text: 人形; Japanisch-De...; にんぎょう

Lean browser question/answer

Status: update planned
Hide some text in the card browser list.
Sceenshot of text ふりかんじ with 振り漢字 as ruby.


Status: for desktop use only, update planned
Display text as furikanji, that is, show kana on the base line, with the kanji above. This adds a few other display hacks, too.
Sketch of a keyboard and hands. Some keys are marked as described in the text.

Dvorak keys

Status: update planned
Use keys easy to use for user of the Dvorak simplified keyboard to answer a question.
A window title: “Lernen::1 日本語::1 和独::VHS – Anki”

Deck name in title

Status: update planned
Show the name of the deck you are currently learning in the window title.
Huge 成 character with very large な as ruby.

Zoom cards

Status: taken over
Zoom the card content
The Invisible Pink Unicorn.

Somebody else’s problem

Status: no update planned
Quick hack to hide field content only on the desktop client.
The Anki note editor button row has s1, s2 and s3 buttons.

Spanify text

Status: hackish, no update planned
Add buttons to the note editor to wrap text in spans.

Kanji tips

Status: broken, source only, abandoned
Gloss kanji with pop-up tips.
The word Zustand: and a colored stroke order diagram for 況

Kanji stroke color

Status: broken, abandoned
A quick hack add-on to show (colored) stroke order diagrams.
Text display window: These file names will be used and many lines like 59d4b8d8eddf0818.e9b228944ccfbca.wav → せ.wav


Status: breaks collections, no update planned
Rename media files with names that look like MD5 hashes.
Chess board with the chess problem “excelsior”. See text for precise position.

FEN chess visualizer

Status: abandoned
Display FEN data as a chess board.
Screen text: In media folder but not used by any cards: Tübingen_Neckarfront.jpg Used on cards but missing from media folder: Tübingen_Neckarfront.jpg.


Status: may add errors, no update planned
Fix file name problems caused by Unicode normalization.
The add card window, reduced in size to about 197 by 122 pixel. The edit fields are invisible.

Small add cards

Status: quick hack, no update planned
Remove size limits from add card window
Use `{{FrontSide}}` as the back template.

One-sided cards

Status: abandoned
Go to the answer immediately when it is identical to the question.
A colored stroke order diagram of 暑 and the text <embed width="200" height="200" title="Standard" src="暑.svg"></embed>

Add kanji embeds

Status: hackish, one-off
A quick hack to fill my collection with the code to display SVG stroke order diagrams
Console output of mpg321

Quick replay

Status: no update planned
Bypass the mplayer play queue. Like this, when you hit replay, the replay starts at once.
The top of the add card dialog with a few extra buttons

Quick note and deck buttons

Status: no update planned
Quickly select a few models or decks.
A menu called Nachschlagen under the Tools menu. Menu items: Japanisch bei Wadoku, Deutsch bei Wadoku, Auswahl bei Wadoku, Kanji bei Kanji-Lexikon, Kanjiauswahl bei Kanji-Lexikon, Ausdruck bei Forvo, Auswahl bei Forvo


Status: no update planned
Menu to look up words at a few web sites. Most useful for speakers of German learning Japanese.
The time studied is shown in days, not hours.

Metric time

Status: no update planned
Shows times in some spots as days or years.
Some Python code

Fix AnkiDroid’s negative review times

Status: obsolete
Fix negative review times.
Two little girls sitting on a wooden staircase.


Status: no update planned
Use one specific password to access accounts locked with a password.