The input of 0.26 is formatted as 260'000.

This add-on provides a few hacks to make my personal German geography deck work.

This add-on needs extra Python packages. See the Batteries page for details.

The main problem this tries to fix is the vast span of inhabitants of the countries and territories of the world (more than seven orders of magnitude if you include the Pitcairn Islands, five if you count only independent states and exclude religious headquarters). Basically there is no nice way to display 67 and 1,347,350,000 and have both numbers look good without a little bit of hacking. That is even more the case when you use the input answer feature.

My solution is to store the number of inhabitants as millions. But for countries with less then one million inhabitants, the display would look like 0.26 Millionen Einwohner or 0.00007 Millionen Einwohner. That looks ugly. So, i use this add-on and in the card template i use {{swissmega:MegaInhabitants_Scalar}}. Like that, the output is 260’000 Einwohner and 70 Einwohner, while larger countries will still get something like 83 Millionen Einwohner.

Basically the same is done with the area, which is stored in thousands of square kilometers. One twist is that i am a big fan of the SI in all its glory. I like to use SI prefixes even when they are not common. So, an area of a million square kilometers, that is just one megameter times one megameter, 1 Mm2. UTSL for details.

The Swiss part comes from the fact that i just personally like the Swiss way of writing large numbers with an apostrophe as thousands separator and have included this in the add-on. The Swiss formatting will only work on Linux systems.

While this add-on only works with the desktop client, the deck for which this is written compensates for that, so that the deck is usable on AnkiWeb and mobile devices.

This is an Anki 2.0 plugin. I think i will update it to 2.1, but don’t know when i will get around to it. If you are impatient, you can of course do the update yourself. Please let me know which way you want your version published.