Part of the Anki review window. Text: みんなの日本語: に んぎょう. Below part on the Anki card browser. One line highlighted. Text: 人形; Japanisch-De...; にんぎょう
The text 「みんなの日本語:」 is shown on the card, but not in the browser.

Hide text with the CSS class browserhide in the card browser. This is useful for cards where there is a text repeated for every card.

The effect of this add-on is similar to using the Browser Appearance feature hidden in the More button of the template editor.

The functionallity of this add-on has been added to the Replay button on card add-on. There is no need to install this add-on when the play button add-on is used, too.

This is an Anki 2.0 plugin. I think i will publish a 2.1 version after i have updated the play button addon.