A colored stroke order diagram of 暑 and the text <embed width="200" height="200" title="Standard" src="暑.svg"></embed>
Use <embed> tags to display SVGs.

This is a chimera of parts of my Kanji stroke color and Cayennens’ original Kanji Colorizer. When triggered, the add-on goes through the collection and fills the right fields with embed tags for my version of the SVGs of the colored stroke order diagrams.

The SVGs themselves are not copied. The paths in the collection are also wrong. I used it once to make my Kanji deck usable with an unpatched AnkiDroid and am done with this now. It will stay in this pretty much useless state.

The add-on may also need extra Python packages. See the Batteries page for details on this.

This is in Anki 2.0 style, and will not be updated.