Name the first field “Note ID”
Name the first field “Note ID”

A fix to the problem of synonyms.

When adding new cards, the first field must be unique, but what about synonyms? Of course it is possible to add an explanation to the word to specify which is the meaning in this case. A more elegant way is to add more fields to show which is the correct meaning in this case, for example with an example sentence.

The solution is to add the number that Anki uses internally to identify the note to the note itself.

The note id field is also useful when editing the data outside of Anki (text export, edit, text import). With the add-on, Anki can reliably match the notes on reimport, even when the first interesting field changed.

To use, the first field in the card model must be named Note ID. Then, when adding content, this field is automatically filled with a number based on the note id when you open the add note window.

The field name used must match exactly, including the case, but it can be changed via the configuration mechanism, in case your collection uses note id as the field name.

There is also an item in the Tools menu that goes through the whole collection and adds note ids to all empty Note ID fields. This is useful when adding the field to decks you already have. Once this is done, the menu can be hidden via the add-on configuration mechanism, too.