Chess board with the chess problem “excelsior”. See text for precise position.
White to mate in five with the least likely piece or pawn.
This is an Anki 2.0 plugin. I have no plans of updating it, as it was obsolete anyway. People that are still interrested in this are welcome to take this over.

Display a record of a chess position in Forsyth–Edwards Notation as a chess board.

The FEN record has to be complete (with active player, castling &c.) and it has to be enclosed in a pair of [fen] [/fen] tags.

This is the way that can be used on AnkiDroid and, apparently by some old Anki1 add-on as well.


Just put ` [fen]n1rb4/1p3p1p/1p6/1R5K/8/p3p1PN/1PP1R3/N6k w - - 0 0[/fen]` on a card.


This add-on does the display without any images. When you don’t see the chess pieces you should install a font with them. Maybe one from here or here.

To use a specific chess piece font, use the CSS class chess_board, add a line like .chess_board {font-family: 'my_chess_piece_font';} to your chess note’s styling.

No development

This was a quick hack. I am neither playing chess nor terribly interested in this, i just stumbled across the code that does the equivalent for AnkiDroid. If anybody thinks ey can do a better job, ey’s welcome to take over this add-on.

Chess deck

This shared deck, that should work on AnkiWeb as well, can be used instead. While that deck does not allow black’s view, it is otherwise more flexible.