The deck overview with New, Learn and Due columns and a footer line with card count sums
Learn counts in the deck overview
This is an Anki 2.0 plugin. I think i will update it to 2.1, but don’t know when i will get around to it. If you are impatient, you can of course do the update yourself. Please let me know which way you want your version published.

An add-on to show the learn count on the deck overview screen. With this, Anki desktop is more in line with AnkiDroid.

You also get a footer line with the sums of the new, learn and due counts, and of the total count of cards due. The last number is, again, something AnkiDroid shows you, but the other Anki versions don’t.

The first section of the Python file gives you the options to modify the appearance of the deck list a bit more. For example the symbols used for decks with subdecks shown, with subdecks hidden, or without subdecks can be changed. I personally like some symbol, like a bullet () for decks without subdecks, so the indentations match, but this is not standard. To show this bullet, the no_subdeck_bullet string can be changed to that character. Edit the add-on file through the Tools→Add-ons… menu item. The color and styling of the counts shown can be changed similarly.