A menu called Nachschlagen under the Tools menu. Menu items: Japanisch bei Wadoku, Deutsch bei Wadoku, Auswahl bei Wadoku, Kanji bei Kanji-Lexikon, Kanjiauswahl bei Kanji-Lexikon, Ausdruck bei Forvo, Auswahl bei Forvo
The new menu

Like the Lookup menu from the Japanese support add-on, this adds a menu called Nachschlagen were you can look up words at some of my favorite resources.

A few of them are German, and the whole add-on is kept in German as well. Nachschlagen is German for look up.

This is an Anki 2.0 plugin. I have no plans of updating it. People that are interrested in this are welcome to take this over.


There is a configuration section at the head of the source file where a few things can be configured. Most of it is not too important and explained in the file itself. You may encounter the error message No field found for look-up. Consider changing the field name lists in the plugin source. That means that my guesses about what you use as field names were wrong. In this case you should add your favorite field names to the expression_fields and meaning_fields lists.

For learners of any spoken language

The Forvo links are useful for learners of any spoken language. Look up pronunciations at the crowd-sourced forvo.com.

For learners of Japanese

The kanji look-up at saiga-jp.com may be useful for learners of Japanese

For German speakers

The two other resources are more narrowly useful for German speakers:

  • Kanjilexikon, pretty much what it says. A German kanji dictionary.
  • WaDoku, basically the Japanese–German online dictionary