Anki 2 review window with two icon bars. The review area reads Die Hauptstadt von Niue ist
I am in the process of updating this for Anki 2.1. At one time parts of this worked with Anki 2.1 and others didn’t.

This add-on replaces the top menu bar with the Decks Study Add Browse text buttons and the two rather drab sync and statistics buttons with a colorful icon toolbar like the one in Anki 1.

The edit button and the more button in the bottom bar are also replaced by an icon tool bar.

This also adds a few more menu items and adds icons to the menus (not on Macs). The tool bars can be shown and hidden via the “View” menu, the Decks Study Add Browse functions can also be reached through the Go menu.

Two items are added only to the menus, not to the icon bars:

In the View menu, there is a Mute switch. It works similar to the Automatically play audio setting in the deck options (General tab). Audio on the card is not played when the card is shown, but only when the replay button or the R key are pressed. This options works for all decks, and can be switched on and off quickly.

The Go menu contains a Last card switch. When this is active, rating an answer (clicking Again, Good &c.) goes back to the deck overview screen.


Now the icon tool bars
  are at the left and right sides. A few different icons
  appear in the top and bottom tool bars.
Two variants of the arrangement and selection of icons.

The appearence can be changed by editing the add-on source file by activating the Tools/Add-ons/Colorful toolbars/Edit… menu item.

The file contains a switch to chage the add-on to netbook mode. When the netbook_version = True line is active the the two icon bars are on the left and right, to preserve vertical screen space. To get to my personal variant with different buttons in the bottom bar, take a look at the git branch develop-ospalh-special. Remember to also get the icons directory when you get the add-on from github.

There are also switches to show the Mute and Last card switches in the bottom icon bar.

UTSL for further changes to the icons shown.

Replacing icons

The icons used are stored in the folder Anki/addons/color_icons. They can be simply replaced by icons more to the personal taste of the user.

What is the capital of Niue?

2. The review area reads Die Hauptstadt von Niue ist Alofi