Text display window: These file names will be used and many lines like 59d4b8d8eddf0818.e9b228944ccfbca.wav → せ.wav
Old and new file names.

Rename media files with names that look like MD5 hashes.

This add-on is likely to break your collection. You will have to fix a few file names by hand.

Up to version 1.1, Anki changed the names of media files added to their MD5 hashes. That meant that you had directories full of file names like 66a6565b69edcb65e7a083a4df1f0900.png or 2304355e4eb95f078b2565352f2b5413.mp3, that bore no relation to the facts (now notes) they were used on. For decks that were created on these versions, those file names are still present in Anki 2 collections.

While this is no real problem, it prevents you from identifying a specific file without starting Anki, for example to edit a picture. It also bugged me personally.


To install, copy not only the dehashilate.py source file, but also the dehashilator directory to the Anki/addons folder.


Activate the Tools/Dehashilate media menu item.

The dehashilation happens in two steps. First, the collection is scanned for hash-like file names, new names are calculated and shown. If you don’t like the suggested names, the only solution is to change the source, especially the name_source_fields list.

When you like the names and click Yes twice, the file will be renamed and field content changed. You should run the Maintenance/Unused Media ... menu item to find problems created by the dehashilation. You may also run the dehashilator again. At one time it had problems with several hash-like media in a single field.


This was written as a one-off fix-my-collection-once add-on. As such, with my personal collection fixed, i am not really interested in making this perfect. It will probably stay in its current, somewhat buggy, state. Others are welcome to do their own work or to send pull requests, but simple it broke my collection issue reports will be ignored.

The name was inspired by the dihoxulator. So was the stop button text.

This is in Anki 2.0 style, and will not be updated.