An audio editor
Edit files with mhWaveEdit
This is an Anki 2.0 plugin. I think i will update it to 2.1, but don’t know when i will get around to it. If you are impatient, you can of course do the update yourself. Please let me know which way you want your version published.

Edit audio files with mhWaveEdit.

There are two ways to start the editor:

  • During reviews, trigger the Edit/Media/Edit audio menu item to start the editor with the audio files of the current card. Then edit them there and save. Replay in Anki to hear the effect.
  • In the card editor, click in a field with audio, that is with [sonud:NN], and click the “W” button at the top.
You have to install the audio editor by yourself. It is a Linux program, on most distributions you should be able to install it via the package manager.