The top of the add card dialog with a few extra buttons
Select your favorite model or deck.

This add-on adds a few buttons to the right of the select note type button and the select deck button at the top of the add card dialog.

Click on them to select your favorite model or note type.

You will have to modify the add-on source to adapt this to your deck and model names.
This is an Anki 2.0 plugin. I have no plans of updating it. People that are interrested in this are welcome to take this over.


After downloading, you have to modify the Quick note and deck file. Trigger the Tools/Add-ons/Open Add-ons Folder… menu item, pick out that file and open it with your favorite source editor or trigger Tools/Add-ons/Quick note and deck buttons/Edit… to use Anki’s built-in editor.

There are two bits of code that should be changed, marked with the comments # Set up here... and # ... and here. A knowledge of Python syntax may be helpful to set this up, but following the examples and only changing text inside of quotation marks should work.

Lists of dictionaries

The parts that should be changed are called lists of dictionaries. The lists are marked with square brackets, [ and ], the dictionaries with curly braces, { and }. Each dictionary describes one button.

Each of these button dictionaries must contain at least two key–value pairs:

  • A "label". The value after the : sets up the name shown in the button. Use quotation marks with an extra u before them to define a unicode string. I would suggest using short texts, such as single characters.
  • A "name". This is the name of the model in the model_buttons list and the name of the deck in the deck_buttons list. Make sure that these names are correct. Cut-and-paste the names if possible.

For more options read the comments in the source file.


This add-on was inspired by the “Quick change Note buttons” add-on. The code is based on that version, by Steve AW. Many thanks, for the code and also for the idea in the first place.