When adding new material, it is easiest to use the standard models this add-on brings along.

Follow these steps:

First use of the standard model

  • Click the Add item in the tool bar or press the a key to open the add card window.
  • Click on the button at the top left, next to the word Type. It shows the currently selected model, maybe Basic or Cloze.
  • In the Choose Note Type window click the Manage button at the bottom.
  • In the Note Types window, click Add, top right.
  • In the Add Note Type window, select the Add: Standard with audio fields line or, when you are learning Japanese and have the Japanese support add-on installed, Add: Japanese with audio fields line and click OK
  • Either keep the name or change it in the next dialog and click OK.
  • Close the Note Types dialog.
  • Bring the Choose Note Type window to the front
  • It should now contain a line with Standard with audio fields or the name you choose three steps back
  • Select that line and click Choose
  • Complain at the Anki issue tracker that this process is too complicated, if you think so.
  • After clicking Choose two steps back, you can enter new words in the Add window. The megaphone button should now work and bring up the Download audio dialog.


These two models create three cards per note, recognition (foreign → native), recall (native → foreign), and audio, (spoken word → foreign and native). See the Anki manual on cards and templates for ways to change this.

Adding notes later

When you click Add after the model has been added once, this model may be selected when the add note window appears. If not, it can be chosen from the list that appears when you click on the current note type.

Changing note types

Instead of changing an existing model by adding an audio field and that field to the cards – the method that is still preferred for more complex models – existing basic notes can also be changed to the newly created audio models:

  • Sync. First with all other clients (other computers, mobile devices, AnkiWeb), then the local computer.
  • Open the card browser
  • On the left, click the model where you want to use audio
  • In the card list, select all cards (Ctrl+A), or just those cards you want to use audio for
  • Trigger the browsers menu item Edit/Change Note Type …
  • For New note type: select the … with audio type.
  • Check that no information will be lost. When you see that something will be changed to Nothing, you may be better off with modifying the existing model, rather than changing notes from one model to another.
  • Click OK
  • You will get a warning that you will have to do a full sync. Choose upload when doing the next sync.