Without a bit of set-up, audio may be downloaded but not played during review. To hear the words, the audio field has to be added to a card template.

Template editor

Window with tabs reading Forward
Reverse Example at the top. The left of the main area is split in
three parts, Front template, Styling and Back template. The right is
split in two: Front preview and Back preview.
The card template editor for a moderately complex note type.

To get the template editor, start reviewing. Then click the Edit button at the bottom left. In the Edit Current window click Cards…

Adding fields

Once you have the template editor open, the hardest thing is to decide when to play the audio. Should it be played along with the question? or only with the answer?

When there is more than one tab above the Front Template editor, you have to decide to which card you want to add the audio. Add it to only one or to all, as you see fit.

To add the audio to the question, add ``, with the double pair of curly braces, to the top left Front Template editor. To add it to the answer, type it into the bottom left Back Template editor.

When you had to pick a different field name when you added the field to the note, use that name inside the braces.

While typing on the left, the text should be visible on the right, too. When the whole field, with the curly braces, has been entered, it should disappear there. When Unknown field NN appears on the right, compare the spelling with the list in the Edit Current window.

For people that find typing a word and two pairs of curly braces too challenging, there is also the Add Field button, that takes this task off your hands.