Flash card with text and play buttons.

Simple add-on that adds play buttons to the cards for audio and video files.

With this it is possible to replay individual files. For example just the pronunciation of a word, or just one example sentences.

This add-on has been superseded by the play button add-on.

This is in Anki 2.0 style, and will not be updated.


To install this add-on, copy the source file to your addon folder and add the image file to your collection.media folder as _inline_replay_button.png. (It is called replay.png on github.)

Old style

This add-on is an older version of the play button add-on, and uses a PNG image as the button. The button image is the same as the one used on older versions of AnkiDroid.

The add-on sets a maximum size for the button, because it will look fuzzy when scaled up too much. UTSL to change the allowed maximum size.


Part of the Anki review window.
Text: みんなの日本語: にんぎょう.  Below part of the Anki card
browser. One line highlighted. Text: 人形; Japanisch-De...; にんぎょう
The text みんなの日本語: is shown on the card, but not in the browser.

The add-on also hides text with the CSS class browserhide in the card browser. With its help the name of sound and video files is shown in the card browser instead of the file name of the replay arrow image. The class is useful for cards where there is a text repeated for every card, too. Put text parts of your card template that should not appear in the card browser into spans with the class browserhide.

The effect of the browserhide class is similar to using the Browser Appearance feature hidden in the More button of the template editor.

There is another add-on that implements only this hiding of text in the text browser, called Lean browser qa.