During start-up, only one language code is set for all decks.

To change this language later, or to use more than one foreign language, the language code can be changed in the deck options.

Deck options

Each deck has an options group, but these groups can be shared between decks. See the Anki manual for more details.

Changing languages

The Anki deck list. To the right of the gear button to the right
of the deck name a pop-up menu with the item <q>Options</q>
Click here to open the deck options.

To change the language for an options group, first click on the gear button to the right of the deck name, then on Options.

The “Options for deck NN” window. The tab “General” has a line-edit
“Language code”.
Change the code of the language you are learning here.

This will open the Options for NN dialog. Click on the General tab and change the Audio download language code. field.

Adding deck options

When learning different languages, arrange the cards in different decks and add an option groups for each deck:

As above, click on the gear and select Options. In the Options for NN dialog, near the top, beside the option group name list, there is another gear button. Click on that and select Add. Enter a new name. Putting the language name into the options name helps keeping them apart. Then, go to the General tab and set the language code again.